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The Star Control 2 Dressing Room

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3/9/09 10:00 pm - sugoiyo - Time to revive things with a little drama

DA-31 sighed. He didn't understand what had happened. First Master 9 was there... and then she was not. He didn't know what happened to her... hopefully, she was returned to her ship, but he really didn't know. So, now he was all alone again.

This sucked.

He wandered off, and found a stone door... he thought it was very strange, but, it was worth a shot to see what was on the other side. So, in he went. Inside, it was like a stone cave, very strange. Like something out of a prehistoric book. There was a small bonfire burning in the center, and a collection of paints to the side. Well, if he was going to be the last Androsynth, then at least he could preserve some knowledge of them so that they didn't completely die out. So, he got the paints, and started painting up his family tree for starters.

(( Feel free to come in and post pictures your characters did/do up. ))

1/16/09 09:25 pm - longgreendeadly - Splish, Splash

 *Master 9 wriggles through the gymnasium door again and heads over to the lockers.*

Now, where were the human clothes?

*After opening two empty lockers, the Ur-Quan finds a clean pair of long basketball shorts with a drawstring at the waist, a pair of tights with two fuzzy '80s legwarmers, and a pair of sweatpants.*  Here, Thrall DA-31 - would any of these be warmer than what you are currently wearing?  *pause* . . . That door was not there earlier.  Was there something in front of it?  A mirror, perhaps?

*Looping carefully across the room, between the various weight machines and treadmills, Master 9 reaches the door and opens it cautiously.  A wave of warmer, humid air with a strong tang of chlorine rolls out.*

What is this?

*Master 9 slithers through this door onto damp tile.  The room is cavernous, with harsh but bright florescent lights hung from a high ceiling.  An Olympic-sized swimming pool takes up most of the room, with diving boards along one side and a few lane markers floating untethered at the other.*

There is a lake in here.  An artificial lake, with sterilized water.  What is it for?  Do the Umgah use this for their experiments, too?

12/23/08 04:21 pm - herpkunkmajesty - Slow-Breaking News

*stepping out from the parlor on the opposite side, Braky finds a corridor that looks remarkably like a hallway in an old public school - tile floor, cinderblock walls painted an industrial gray-blue, fluorescent lighting. Hung on the wall is a cork bulletin board, bearing a few tattered notices in a language she can't read. Thinking for a moment, she un-tacks one of the notices, writes a quick note on the back of it with the VUX writing-thingy, and replaces it.*

(( If anyone else needs to leave a message for anyone else, there's plenty more space on the bulletin board! ))

12/13/08 11:03 pm - sugoiyo - D: I posted this in my own journal OH GOD.

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

12/9/08 09:25 pm - herpkunkmajesty

*Braky realizes that she forgot to return that nice VUX officer's pen . . . quill . . . paintbrush . . . thing. But before she can remember how to get back to his little study, she wanders into a small, dusty room with thick carpets, draperies on the walls, and beaded curtains on all the doors. It smells of old incense with a hint of patchouli, and is filled with worn velvet cushions, small coffee-tables with embroidered covers, and bookshelves filled with small boxes.*

Well, I must say, this certainly feels like home!

*The first box holds a silk cloth and several polished stones; the next, a Tarot deck; the next, a smoked mirror on a black velvet setting. After poking through a few more, she lights a few candles in wax-encrusted glass holders, sets a cone of incense going in the back of the room, and scratches out a few words on an extra piece of paper. After a few minutes, she ties her new sign to the beaded curtain at the entrance:

Cards Cast
Futures Told
Palms, Wings, Tentacles, and Other Appendages Read
Crystals Gazed
Spirits Consulted
Questions Answered
Advice on Love, War, Family, and Money
All Free Of Charge
(tips appreciated)

She nods.* That ought to bring at least a few of them in! *She settles on one of the tuffets behind a table to wait for her next querant.*

12/5/08 09:26 pm - longgreendeadly - Better Run

*The Ur-Quan pulls open the last in a long series of doors and stares into a large, brightly-lit room. Two walls are lines with mirrors, two with small metal lockers. Half of the room is filled with treadmills of every possible width and breadth, from ones that would easily hold a mammoth to ones sized for gerbils, and designed for crawling, hopping, slithering, rolling, or running. There are even two "infinite pools" for swimmers. On the other side of the room is a bizarre collection of weight-training equipment, some designed for creatures with wings, some made for creatures with eight arms, some apparently intended for beings fifteen feet tall but no broader than a human. An area by one of the mirrored walls is set with a wooden floor and several barres along the mirror, at different heights. The rooms smells of chlorine, of disinfectant, and - faintly - of old socks.*

Ah. This is an athletics area, is it not? An athletics area must have at least a first aid station. *Lopes into the room, again barely fitting through the door, and begins trying to open the lockers.*

12/1/08 05:13 pm - behindyousir

*DAX is sitting at a table in a smallish, cozy room by himself. Spread out across the table are several pieces of paper, maps, books, and writing utensils. He writes something down every now and then, making occasional thoughtful sounds.*

*DAX is obviously working on something, and probably doesn't want to be disturbed.*

*"Probably" being the operative word here.*

11/30/08 01:32 am - sugoiyo - It's the Age of Aquariums, Aparently.

*leads the Ur-Quan behind him as he enters the new room... which is lighted under blue lights* Hmm... this is a strange room... it seems pretty quiet enough... *looks at one of the walls... and sees something staring back at him. Much terror was to be had, until he realizing that it was just a large fish* Oh... *realizes that this is an aquarium, with all sorts of fish in different tanks* Amazing... where do you supposed they got them all, um... *realizes that he never got a name from the Master* I am sorry... I don't think I ever got a name... by what do you wish to be called by? *looks around, checking to see if there really wasn't anyone else in the room besides the fish*

10/27/08 07:38 pm - herpkunkmajesty - Someone's In The Kitchen With . . .

*Having recovered from her stint as a Pokemon, Braky pulls open a door to discover a large, industrial-looking kitchen - decorated like Earth, circa about 2000 - with stainless steel prep tables, giant sinks, several large multi-burner stoves, and multiple refrigerators.*

Ah! How fortunate! The pendulum has never led me wrong! Now, let's see, eeny meeny miny meeky . . .

*She bounces up to one refrigerator and pulls it open, to find bags and bags of what appear to be jellyfish packed in bright orange seaweed.*

Oops, nope, not that one!

*She closes it and moves on to the next one. It is filled with test tubes, each containing a brightly colored cloudy fluid.*

Err . . . no.

*She pulls out the pendulum again. It swings in the direction of one across the room, which she opens and finds perfectly normal Terran food.*

Well, that's close enough. Hmm . . . sesame seeds . . . I can eat those . . . ah, fruit, lovely! And what's over . . . oops!

*She slams the door closed, a bunch of grapes in one hand and a small jar of sesame seeds in the other, looking seriously grossed out.*

(I'd forgotten that humans eat eggs . . . )

10/22/08 10:53 pm - longgreendeadly - Not Amused

 *In a cold stone corridor, thirty feet of long, green, tentacled predator slowly unwind from where they have been unceremoniously dumped on the floor.  Back talons more used to gripping the ceiling than standing on the floor find their footing, and the great bulk uncoils to its full length.  The great ribbed arms just beneath the triangular head lash back and forth, perturbed, as a half-dozen eyes flicker across the dull and unmarked stone.  One arm scoops up the glassteel sphere enclosing the silent Talking Pet as the mouth tentacles writhe together.*

This is most definitely Not Funny.

*The elongated ship-master loops slowly forward, avoiding the ever-so-slightly slimy walls of the hallway.*

10/16/08 08:42 pm - captain_hunam - I wanna be the very best~ like no one ever was~

Wandering the building, Zelnick finds a room that seems to be lined with... shelves of marble-sized balls? Mostly red and white.

Curious, he steps inside, and suddenly finds that his viewpoint has... shifted. To a few inches off the ground. And that he now seems to have... whiskers.

He squeaks in dismay, catching sight of himself in a previously hidden mirror next to the door, and sees that he's turned into... a small, purple rat?

[Enter, and be turned into a Pokemon for however long you feel is lulzy~ even if you leave the room. Or, if you prefer, stand outside the room, point, and laugh~]

10/13/08 09:33 pm - herpkunkmajesty - Fortunately, We're Used To Reality Shifts

 Oof!  Now, young master Zeep-Neep, you must learn to control your violent impulses; you may have knocked me off my feet, but you left yourself wide open to . . . 

*looks around, blinks, pokes experimentally at self*

No, no, this doesn't look like the Belly of the Great Worm did the last time I was there.  Moreover, I'm not in a Fury, and the little baron didn't hit me anywhere near that hard.  Hmm.

*removes a crystal pendulum from a belt pouch, dangles it experimentally over one open palm.  It wobbles, begins weakly circling in one direction, stops, and wobbles some more*

Most curious.  Most curious indeed!  Time for a mystery, it appears.  A lovely little mystery, with secret doors and unexpected moral lessons, I hope!  *claps delightedly*  Now, first things first: find a source of fresh water, a good look at the positions of the stars and planets, and the bathroom.  In that order, I think.

10/13/08 09:30 pm - sugoiyo - [in a unrecognizable room]

*yawns* That was a nice.... nap...

OK, where am I..? This isn't my sleeping quarters... *paces around nervously* And furthermore, how did I get here? My ship should have set of an alarm if anyone tried to get in from the outside! Whoever they are... they must be very powerful... *bites his lip* Should I leave...? But if I do, I could easily get lost, and if whoever put me here found me escaping ... but if I stay here, I'm trapped, and they can just slaughter me...

10/13/08 12:43 pm - ray_the_human - [in a hallway]

Ray, the poor unfortunate, had just switched universes without his knowledge. (Or permission!)

So when he looked up, it didn't register that the wall were not supposed to be that color until he turned around and looked back towards the lift.

The lift wasn't there.

Oh no, he thought. if some Arilou or worse got its hands on me -

He pinched his nose and wished he were back home. For, as irritating as the Starbase could be, it was home.

And -

Oh no. If an Arilou had taken him somewhere now, that Spathi Captain he was searching for would be free to keep hiding. And the security hole that the Spathi Captain had used wouldn't be figured out until he found Captain Qizno. So he'd have even more work when he got back.

Wasn't this sort of thing supposed to happen to those who went off with that Captain? And not him?

10/12/08 06:40 pm - ramblingaway

...Now this was quite distinctly odd! Just a few moments ago, pirate!ZEX had been sitting in the cabin of his ship, looking over some charts. He'd intended to go up onto the deck to speak with DAX -- but when he stepped through the door, he found himself in a completely different place altogether!

He's not alarmed in the least -- after all, what could be more of an adventure than being transported to an entirely new location? No doubt he'll find his way back eventually, but for now looking around seems far more interesting. Feel free to bother him!

10/12/08 04:35 pm - warmbreathing - [wandering aimlessly]

Vitani, honestly, I know you're excited but you really need to stop messing around with the hallways! There's only so much you can do before--

*She stops to actually inspect the room, frowning after a moment as she begins to drum her fingers against the grip of her dagger.*

..This isn't my ship.

10/12/08 09:55 am - captain_hunam - Second verse, same as the first~

[Zelnick wakes up suddenly, and finds himself in... not his bedroom in the Institute. In fact, he finds himself in a brightly-painted green room, on one of the several comfortable faux leather couches. There's a buffet table up against the wall to one side, laden with light snacks and sweets for any species that might happen to appear.]

... Wait, what? *Rubs his eyes* Is this the same place as before...? I... kinda thought that had just been a strange dream...

6/3/08 01:06 pm - thewarcommences - [firing range]

[What a unique room-- human-style, like much of this place, with a table near the door laden with-- with guns?

They are guns! Of varied styles, of course, but there's a VUX laser, and a fine one at that, with quartz-enclosed status lights (instead of plastic) and silver-wire designs along the barrel. ZEX picks it up almost reverently; it's not quite ceremonial quality, but it's nicer than the surplus grudgingly sent to Alpha Cerenkov, and it's been nearly twenty years since he held a gun so lovely.

Looking around again, he realizes this must be a human-style target range, with concentric-circle targets at the far end. How delightful!]

5/29/08 09:29 pm - commander_yax - [hallway]

*Stalks down hallway, angry. Humans were following him, it seemed. There were far too many of them, and then dealing with that traitor Admiral-!*

Is there not a way out of here? *complaining*

5/28/08 09:49 pm - admiral_zex - [In a room with a desk that has VUX writing utensils on it]


*recites* O restless stars that wobble~

*scribble scribble*


*write write write*

*This is the image of a VUX hard at work writing poetry.*

[ooc: I can see ZEX wanting to write some days. And here is a room suited for that. I apoligize if this seems OOC.]

5/28/08 01:41 am - har_blobbies - [Over an unseen intercom...]

*There is muffled laughter in the background*

Har har har! Are you having fun? We are! Har har~

5/27/08 06:16 pm - carefullytaught

*Having finally decided to leave DAX alone, VIJ sets off in search of Molly. She picks a door at random, fumbling for quite some time with the knob, though she's far too stubborn to simply choose a different one with a handle or something easier to manage.

 After she finally succeeds in opening it, she peers inside to discover an enormous library. Books and files and information of all sorts, and she completely forgets what she had been doing. So many things to learn~ Eagerly, VIJ runs forward and begins scanning the titles for anything interesting.*

5/26/08 07:55 pm - metamollusk

Oh no.

Where have I been taken to now?

5/26/08 01:03 am - behindyousir

Sir? Sir, are you here?

Please respond.

5/25/08 05:54 pm - thewarcommences - [A dressing room needs clothing, wouldn't you say?]

*It takes ZEX only a few moments to figure out the human-styled doors, which have handles, rather thankfully; he would have had considerably more trouble with a knob.

Once he leaves that first room, empty but for people, he continues on to the next, which is-- filled with racks of clothing, some obviously VUX in design, other obviously human, and quite a lot that he doesn't recognise.

It's all very well-made, however, and he enters, gazing with interest on all the different styles*

The uniform does get a bit boring after a while *he murmurs, and descends into the wardrobe*

5/24/08 10:34 pm - admiral_zex - [empty room]

...Not again!

Where am I this time?
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